Our Launch

So yesterday we launched our nature inspired brand and i couldn’t be prouder of our journey and in what we have achieved over the last few years in building this.  Yesterday was not only about celebrating the launch of our business, it was all about thanking our close family and friends, who have been just as much part of our journey towards launching Earth, Mother and Soul as Mark and I have been. 

The Launch party was a complete success and so many family and friends turned up to offer their well wishes, support and to raise a glass of bubbly with us.  The lovely nature themed Gazebo was filled with laughter (my favourite sound!) and people connecting with each other and catching up, over some nice food (made by my Best Friend Eilidh) and some bubbly (I was actually worried at one point that we would have to quickly hire another gazebo, to extend the huge one I had already hired for the day to accommodate everyone haha!).  We are truly blessed and thankful for all the awesome people in our lives.  

My beautiful Mother officially cut the green ribbon on our studio to mark the special occasion, as our business is dedicated to her! Our business is named Earth (As I want to celebrate Mother Earth and all her treasures but also help to protect her) Mother (after my awesome Mother, it’s also in the centre of our business name as she is the centre of my world) and Soul (as our products are designed to soothe and lift your soul).

Then in the true Scottish style we then partied on into the wee hours of the morning!

Thank you so much for all the presents, beautiful cards, flowers, Champagne etc we received on the day Love you all and see you all soon xxx .

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