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To create our Luxury Earth Melts we use the finest Eco-Soy Wax and Luxury Fragrance Oils.
Why natural plant wax? Our plant wax is Vegan Friendly, Cruelty free and is Sustainably sourced,
which in our opinion makes it the perfect choice for our Luxury Earth Melts. Soy wax is famous for
having a cleaner burn, it contains no toxins, or carcinogens or pollutants.
Unlike Paraffin wax, it is a renewable source as it can be derived from Soyabean harvests every year.
It is also more sustainable than other natural waxes like palm oil and bee’s wax.
Our wax is made from the oil of soyabeans which makes it biodegradable and water soluble and also
makes accidental spills a little easier to clean up using hot soapy water.
Earth Melts

Earth Melts