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Our Story so far...

Our story began through our infinite love of everything nature and the dream of living in a better world!
When my beloved Grandmother Betty passed away, she left me a book on Herbal medicine, as she knew how much I loved nature.
This book was to be a poignant part of our journey as I then used this book to treat my Eczema and I soon became amazed and hooked!
Meet Earth,Mother & Soul
I was accepted into the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine to undertake the Herbal Medicine Qualification and started my journey of discovery on how to use nature medicinally also.
During this journey I was shocked to discover the chemicals and toxins contained within Popular branded candles and wax melts I had been using for years within my home.
As I have always been a passionate candle and wax melt lover this upset me, as I had been adding these toxins to our air within my home with my family and our much loved dog. I struggled to find what I was looking for in the market and I decided to create my own, that way I could create my own scents and I would know exactly what was contained within them, so win, win!
Candles have always been, In my eyes, very magical, my earliest memory of a candle was on my birthday cakes, holding my breath and making a wish, or lighting a candle for someone who you
would like to send healing to, or invoking a memory through either the scent or the relaxation of the dancing flame when lit.
Candles, for myself have always had a special place in my life and I was 100% certain I wanted to create a business around this passion.
Our Eco-Friendly mindset would ensure that our business would support our planet without being detrimental to it and this was at the top of our agenda from the onset.
It is very important to us that we support our carbon footprint and ensure that our luxury products can be either recycled, reused or are made with biodegradable or plant materials, with the added bonus that they are also 100% Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free!
All our products are lovingly hand- poured in small batches within our wee Studio in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow, using only these finest ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients and they are all nature inspired, to showcase how beautiful nature truly is.
We live in such a colourful world filled with lots of beautiful scents and it is our goal to capture these scents in our products. 
We further support our carbon footprint by offering our Customers the opportunity to plant a tree, through our partner charity One Tree Planted. This will allow our customers to join us and One Tree Planted’ in being part of the awesome global voyage in supporting the lungs’ of our planet through Global Reforestation !!
To find out more about our One Tree Planted partnership click below.
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