Premium Candles

Premium Crystal Candles

Our Premium Crystal Candles have been created using our signature biodegradable plant wax, eco
wicks and re-usable candle jars. They have been in the pipeline now for some time, as I have been
hesitant to let go of these beautiful crystals, however after some convincing on my part! Its finally
time for them to find their new forever homes!
As part of our ethos in celebrating and protecting Mother Earth and her treasures! We have decided
to showcase our beautiful planet through the natural formations that she creates! As crystals are
natural formations in the earth, what better way to showcase her beauty, than through our Premium
Crystal Candle Range..
The crystals we have used in our candles are from all over the world! reaching from Madagascar to
Africa. With the exception of Tigers Eye (which has been polished to showcase its signature stripes),
they are all in their raw natural form, cleansed and placed within one of our plant based candles.
They are also decorated with a beautiful Crecent moon charm.
Our Premium Candles are contained within an organic cotton re-usable bag, they also come with
stationary to detail how to activate and cleanse your crystal and details on what your crystal is used
We are very proud of this range and hope you find as much happiness in your candle as we have
found creating it for you.